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Bag History

RoadEaseTM is made from a tough, attractive black DuPont CORDURA® nylon material.

Here's a demo on how simple the RoadEaseTM bag is to use.

Bag dimensions when folded shut (as illustrated in Step 2 below) are: 14" wide x 15" tall

Step 1:

Open up the bag like a folder and stuff the pockets.  Balance the load if possible.


Step 2:

Close up the bag and grab the handles through the top hole.  Now you can carry it like a regular tote or see Step 3...


Step 3:

Throw it over your instrument case handle.  Grab the case handle through the top hole of the RoadEaseTM bag.  Carry your instrument and accessories with one hand!


Note:  The bag can also be used saddle-style with the pockets open on the outside.  This allows for easier access to items and/or may help accommodate the carrying a wider variety of items.





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