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I found this '87 Concours sitting on the floor of a local dealer.  I had just sold my '95 Suzuki Savage and the Concours was "on my list" of bikes to choose from.  I was looking for a long-distance hauler and/or better commuter.  Below outlines some of the maintenance and modifications I've made so far.


Bought 1987 Concours for $2500 -- 38k miles, new fork seals, antifreeze, cam-chain adjusted.

Oh gosh, no!  I didn't just buy a 19 year old bike!


Discovered mirror was broke riding out of the parking lot.  I put it in my pocket and went home to fix it.  Eventually, I J.B. Welded a screw through the broken part to get it back together.  It vibrates less than the other side.  I took off the mirror "boots", as they looked like hell on this particular bike and taped on black vinyl.




The taller Rifle windscreen came with the bike.



Trip Odometer reset "stick" missing.  Not sure how to go about fixing this yet.



Petcock diaphragm (gasket) leaked all over my right leg on the way to work only 5 days after I bought it.  I'm thinking, "What did I buy!"  Luckily, dealer I just bought it from replaced the part I shopped around for within a day for free.



  • Neoprene fork boots
  • BackOff! brake pulsator installed
  • added 3rd bolt to saddle bag bracket lower rubber stopper for added strength
  • Tennis racket gel grips wrapped around grips



  • oil/filter/spark plugs/air filter
  • 100/80w headlight installed


  • Installed Murph's Risers
  • Bought wide Crampbuster!
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