Your Grade

Your Grade

Your grade for the in-car portion of your Driver Education is subjective. That means that I make judgments on your ability to control an automobile.

I'll ask myself these questions as you drive:

  • Do I feel safe sharing the road with you?
  • Would I let you borrow my car?
  • Do you have the maturity, attitude, and skills of a responsible driver?

Your numerical in-car grade comes from an average of three numbers:

  • Attitude towards the driver education course and driving in general (100% max)
  • Driving Skill:  do you have the skills necessary to drive safely (100% max)
  • Skill Improvement:  this is how well your skills have developed over the course lessons. (100% max, increased practice outside of class will boost this grade)

My policies are simple:

  • be on time to class
  • come prepared physically and mentally ready to drive and learn
  • act responsibly
  • no disruptions while others are driving, pay attention to what's going on.
  • seat belts worn properly and at all times
  • cell phones are turned off, in trunk, or left home.

Special Notice:  This site is NOT associated in any way to the school districts where I teach Driver Education.  It is a resource for us to use during the driving instruction process.

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