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My Dirt Bike!

I recently bought this 1986 Yamaha TT225 for $400! from a friend of a friend (the kid didn't come with it, that's my boy).  He bought it new in '86, never rode it, decided to unload it to me.  Great guy, in fact I may have sold him on buying a Savage.  I bought it in "needs a little TLC condition".  New tires too.  Trail riding and dirt biking is so much fun! 

I started with an oil, filter and plug change when I got it home. ($20)

It was a bitch to start when I bought it--make that a REAL bitch to start.  So I rebuilt the carb with a kit (my first time ever) and it starts on one kick now. It also helps that I replaced the air cleaner which was clogged and disintegrating. (Carb kit and air cleaner about $30).

I also changed the fork seals (about $30), as oil was drooling down the lower fork legs and the front suspension sucked--another first for me. 

So now the bike handles and runs new, seriously.  I'll be changing the chain and sprockets  (about $60) within weeks and the brake fluid ($10) has to be replaced.  Other than that, this bike is a dream.  Yeah, the tank plastic yellowed, but other than that the bike is in really great shape.

I also bought some replacement parts on eBay in case I need them:  front fender, brake line, clutch cable, and rotor protector for about $30.

So I have about $600 dollars into this bike!  The gear ran me about another $150:  helmet, goggles, gloves.

I don't have any really good shots of the bike yet, and I haven't photographed any of my work I've done on it.  But I still wanted to share this with site visitors, as I'm so excited about riding in the dirt as well as the road on my Savage.

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