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Savage Road

This is more of a motorcycle interest story for Savage owners.  I've lived in the western part of the same county my whole life.  I've lived in my house for over seven years.  But last month I "discovered" Savage Rd., which is spitting distance from my house! 

There's actually a bunch of neat things to see along this relatively short road (about 2.5 miles).  Check out the pics and captions. 


It starts here at this funky bend in a road from Baker St.  You'd think it was the same road, but here the name changes.  Baker St. intersects with a main street in my village, but I always thought it was a dead end!


This is the same sign as above with my bike parked in front of it. 

Notice the water tower in the back ground.  Just to give you an idea of how close this road is to my house, see photo below...


This is the exact opposite view of the tower from my back yard.

Looking beyond the tower in this photo is the location of my bike in the above photo.


Some of the things you'll see along the way include ...

an old farm house with a driveway bisected by busy railroad tracks...


...a small salvage yard with a totaled 1200 Sporty just inside the gate ...


...some curves...


... some straights ...




...cool, twisty Railroad track crossing...


You're looking down the other end of Savage Rd.


Some shots from the road...

I'm not really sure why I created this page.  I suppose it's just the irony of owning a Savage and there's a Savage Rd. next to my house.

Look for a Savage Rd. near you.  If you find one, get me some photos and I'll create  you a page! 

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