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Below are photos of Peter the Blacksmith's handmade knife.  It came with the leather sheath.

Want great deals on parts and gear?  Read below...

I have bought so many parts for my Savage and riding gear from eBay that I'm not going to take the time to record all of them.  Before I buy something I need/want, if I can wait, I watch the auctions or buy what's available. I have also sold Savage parts there, like stock mirrors.

Here are a few examples of my "finds":

Savage Gas Tank:  new $350, found an almost perfect one on eBay for $45 final cost (it had a small scratch).  I literally just had to bolt it on, it was the same year and color.

National Cycle Flyscreen:  new $130, $22 on eBay brand new.  I wanted this screen and kept my eyes on eBay.  I typed in "National Cycle Flyscreen" and two auctions popped up.  I was able to get one!

Winter Gloves:  I wanted a pair of winter gloves.  I have a nice pair of spring-fall gloves, but wanted a pair for those freak winter days where I could ride.   I found a pair on eBay for $11.00 "Buy It Now".  They are perfect for what I wanted and my fingers were toasty on their "maiden voyage" yesterday at 47 degrees.

Other things I've bought there:  aftermarket turn signals, riding goggles, cycle books, and more all at low prices and decent to great quality.

Before you pay high retail prices, try eBay!

Search eBay now for "Suzuki Savage" parts!   Click Here!

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