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Cool Savages

If you want to share  your customized machine here, send me the photo(s).  To keep with the "resourcefulness" focus of my site for Savage owners, my only criteria is that you send me photos of bikes that have some customizing effort.  Therefore, please don't send me bone-stock photos.    Under my links page at *Suzuki Savage Home Page* you will find tons more Savage photos and ideas. 

Hope you see an idea here you can use to make your ride a little  cooler!  It's amazing what people are doing to their Savages...




Julie (Ayrshire) in Scotland's Sweeeeet ride!


Jimmy has a couple touches of his own...


bright blue chopper


bob style with an "edge"


smooth silver custom


orange bob


cafe racer style




Very much a throw-back tribute....


Well, somebody made a cool dresser out of a Savage.



Yet another stunning and creative Savage specimen.  Tall risers reversed is an excellent idea for seating position.




Jesse Ray's custom head-turner (top  most recent photos--a work in progress he tells me, notice Intruder tank and it's  position--very trick)

(Note:  I couldn't take down the previous incarnation, as it shows off what you can do with a stock Savage tank!)


Bryan Felsher's bike



Ray's cool ride




Mario's '86 Cheatin Death Choppers bike.  Look at these shots and you'll see some cool stuff.


I keep finding these new incredible Savage customs!


chopped rear, muffler change


The Seeger Front end and some other tricks like the tank, seat, rear fender, more.


This one has a springer front end, tall risers, and that peanut tank is awesome.


I just love this one.  very cool and original.


A cool savage to give you some ideas.


I really like what this guy Peet did.  Click on the photo to see his other shots.


Peter Hedman's "Touring Thumper"

Long fork, larger gas tank, forward controls, luggage rack, solo seat, bullet-flashers, windshield, dragbar...more to come



Copper custom with cool seat, bags, paint, bars, fishtail


Cool chopped, painted, seat, + custom


Old-school springer front end


Greg's heavily modified bike. Search it over and you'll see some pretty cool details.




Hardtail Hals rigids (red 1st, black currently)



HogHunter's Seeger front end and other custom touches.  work in progress top, finished bottom


Ground-up Savage hard tail custom. The guy,  Matt Z had a web page on how he did this but it moved.  Look around the web...


The "Rooster rear end".


This custom is pretty popular on the web.  Outrageous.


I like this plain and simple custom.  Front end by Seeger?, lowered rear, custom fender struts, forward controls.


Interesting Savage custom I saw on eBay a few years ago.


Savage Bagger


Crazy J's Z-bars/ Jardine/ tassles


Vegas Thumper's ride.  Note the bars, turn signal mirrors and use of stickers to cover fender holes.  Other touches too.

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