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Here's how I came up with the name for my bike...

...I thought that if a name came to me for my bike, I'd use it. I never planned on coming up with a name. An event or something seems to trigger a name I suppose.

That's where my bike's name came from. In June 2002, I dropped my bike at about 15 mph. It took a small beating. Ever since, it's been temperamental at times or things are bent here and there. So that started me thinking the bike was "black & blue", so to speak. 

What clinched the name was that my '95 looks black sometimes, but it's really blue if you look closely in the sunlight.

My ride's a roughed up, black/blue colored bike, hence the name: "Black & Blue"   (I got black and blue too when I dumped it and I have at lease 3 good scars to prove it too!  Keep your eyes on the road ahead.)

See accident details here...

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