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Tips, How-to's, Etc

This section is for visitors to browse for information I have accumulated as a Savage owner.  Click on a link below to see what I've been up to.  Enjoy!

General Tips and Tricks

Winter Riding

"Diamond Plate" Rear Fender Cover/Gear Rack

Homemade Highway Pegs

My Seat Saga:

Part 1:  Saddle Slim-Down:  seat mod
Part 2:  second seat re-cover
Part 3:  Chopper seat
NEW Part 4:  Travelcade Gel Seat, this is the one!

Jardine Muffler Job

Drilled Muffler (my 1st mod)

  Hartman Muffler Mod Info

 Rubber Plug Oil-Leak Fix + Engine Rebuild pics and info!

Handlebar How-to, Part 1

Dog Bone Risers, Part 2

Rear Chop Job

Side-Mount Plate Frame

Tribal Flame Decals

My Accident Story & Rebuild

Just for fun, I figure this is what my bike would look like with this front end kit ($1,400!-ouch)

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