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Gear Reviews

OPEN-ROAD Moto-Stand:

Your basic rear wheel stand for $40!  Well worth the cash.


MadStad Windshield Bracket


See my full review HERE

Make this the FIRST accessory you buy for this bike!

Bungee Net:


These can be bought for cheap anywhere.  The rear rack on the DL650 is perfectly designed to accept this net WITHOUT the paint-gouging hooks.  Remove the hooks and it hooks on.  I have it folded under most of the time to take up slack.  You'll love having this.


You can see/get them from www.cyclegraphics.com

These work like the bungee net sort-of.  they are nice to have around because they too don't have hooks that gouge.

http://www.cyclegraphics.com/imagezoom .shtml?CB_slot1_view11


More to come!



The photo to the right shows my current road trip touring set up.

I have Nelson-Rigg soft saddlebags, a JC Whitney top case, Cee Bailey 23" screen with Mad-Stad bracket, Suzuki handguards, Garmin GPS V, wide Crampbuster, Cortech super-mini tank bag (with enlarged map pocket).

Look for more detailed reviews to be written over winter!

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