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As of June 2007, I'm proud to be a certified MSF motorcycle trainer.  I created this page as a resource for training and motorcycle safety information.  It's not meant to be exhaustive, but there might me something of interest to you here.  Ride Safe!

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse Manual.  Learn, Live, Love it:  Click here.



All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT)

See this to remind yourself why gear is important if you value your body parts.

Dangerous Designs? MCN Article, July 2006

"Read this, and you'll never look at a motorcycle the same way again"

Video 1
Video 2

Watch airbag on motorcycle comparison.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
*Video 4 *
Video 5

Learn about motorcycle ABS systems.  Still not sure about ABS?  See comparison chart below...

Motorcycle Helmet Performance:  Blowing the Lid Off, Motorcyclist 6/05

What's up with Snell?  Motorcyclist has run some tests and found disturbing results.  See 6/05 and 2/08 issues. 


From Cycle World May 2009:  "Breaking New Ground", the 2009 Honda CBR C-ABS...

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